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2021-10-25-<---Vaccine Certificate-Date Extension Notice--->: The last date of submission of Vaccine certificate is extended till 29-10-2021. All those students who are yet to submit their Vaccine Certificates are hereby asked to invariably submit the Vaccine Certificate within 29 Oct. ....From 30 October no excuse will be entertained. Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-10-23-<----Notice Regarding Subject Change---> All TDC Sem-I (Arts) students are hereby informed to contact their departmental Heads in regards to change of their subject combinations as per programmes offered by the college from Monday(25-10-2021) to Wednessday (27-10-2021). No request will be entertained after 27-10-2021. Principal Jagiroad College

2021-10-21-<---Notice for Submission of Vaccine Certificate---> All the students of the college attaining their ages 18 years and above (of all the classes) are hereby informed to submit Printout copy of their Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate at the College Office within 27-10-2021. Those who will not be able to submit their vaccine certificates will not be allowed to enter in the college campus w.e.f 28-10-2021. <---ভেকচিন লোৱাৰ প্ৰমাণ পত্ৰ জমা বিষয়-Click Here

2021-10-20-All Stream classes HS, UG and PG classes will be held w.e.f 21-10-2021 as per SOP issued by the GoA. All are requested to come to the College following Govt. SoP. Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-10-19-Renewal Admission Notice-2: All 4th Sem students of Arts, Science, Commerce and Vocation are hereby informed to complete their renewal admission for 5th Semester within 28-10-2021(extended from 24-10-2021). Repaet the last date for renewal admission is 28th Oct, 2021.

2021-10-09-Renewal Admission Notice: All 4th Sem Students of Arts Science are hereby informed to take admission in 5th Semester for the session 2021-22 within 24-10-2021. Those students whose family annual income is less than 2 lakh have to submit their Income Certificate and Tree Sapling Photo within 22-10-2021. Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-10-09-Notice: Hostel Admission Selection List: It is for information of all the selected students and their parents that the selected students have to take hostel admission within 20-10-2021. Those who are Vaccinated may only take Hostel Admission. Selected HS Students need to submit Vaccination Certificate at the time of entry of the Hostel. Principal, Jagiroad College-Click Here

2021-10-07-Fresh/renewal applications for Pre and Post Metric scholarships for SC students are invited by the Directorate of Welfare of SC, Assam for the year 2021-22 latest by 25Nov,2021. Details attached.-Click Here

2021-10-07-Renewal admission Notice: All BPL category students of HS 2nd year(Arts, Science) and Sem-III(BA, BSc) are hereby informed to submit their BPL family income certificates (annual income below 2 lakh) and Tree Sapling Photographs at the College Office within 9th October, 2021. All are to take admission before 18th October, 2021. Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-10-05-Notice: As per GU notice UG and PG classes will be held from 5-10-2021. All are informed to follow the GU noice attached here. -Click Here

2021-10-04-Scholarship Notice: Last date extended to apply for Minority Girls Students Scholarship. For details see the attachment....Principal, Jagiroad College-Click Here

2021-10-03-Hostel Renewal-Admission Notice-2021: All the existing hostel boarders of Boys and Girls hostels are hereby asked to take hostel renewal admission within 10-10-2021. If not taken then their seats will be treated as vacant and vacant seats will be allotted to newly applied students. If renewal admission will not be done then their seats will be treated as vacant and the vacant seats will be allotted to newly admitted hostel seat seeker students. Renewal admission form is uploaded here. Principal-Click Here

2021-09-30-Notice---> It is hereby informed all concerned that from 1st October 2021, regular classes will be held in the College as per the SoP issued by the Govt. of Assam on 28th Sept.2021. Accordingly, students of class XII, TDC Sem-I and Sem-III will attend their regular classes from 01/10/2021. And all other students of class XI (Arts, Science and Commerce) and TDC Sem-V (Arts, Science, Commerce and Vocation) will attend their classes w.e.f. 21/10/2021 (as per GU holiday list).

2021-09-30-Notice for Hostel Admission: The college has limited hostel seats for admitted regular Boys and Girls students. Students who wish to stay in the college hostel have to fill-up the application form attached/uploaded here. Those students who have already opted for Hostel admission during online admission form fill-up have also to fill this "Hostel Admission Application Form" and submit the same in the college office during office hours within 4 pm of 08-10-2021.... Principal, Jagiroad College: Dat-Click Here

2021-09-23-College-SOP-for Semester-IV Exam-2021 is here.-Click Here

2021-09-05-<---Notice---> Following merit lists for admission into TDC Sem-I for the session 2021-22 are uploaded in the college website (www.jagiroadcollege.co.in) (1) BA-Sem-I Honours Merit List, (2) BSc-Sem-I Honours Merit List, (3) BCom Sem-I Selection List. Admission aspirant candidates are informed to visit the above website. Non-Honours lists for BA and BSc Sem-I including waiting list will be uploaded soon.... Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-09-05-<---Notice---> For document verification and alteration/confirmation of honours subjects, candidates are requested to visit the concerned departments with all original documents on 6th and 7th Sept (for Arts and Science) and 8th and 9th (for Commerce). All the candidates whose names have been published in the merit lists are hereby inform to visit the College as per the schedule. No further request will be entertained. Vacant honours seats will be filled from the wait listed candidates........ P

2021-09-05-Regarding document verification and Honours subject alteration, see the attached notice here.-Click Here

2021-08-27-GU-SoP for Sem-VI Exam-2021-Click Here

2021-08-19-Notice---> Online form fillup last date is extended for 6th Sem (Arrear/Regular) 2017 & 2018 batches and Arrear Batch(2015-2016).***2017 & 2018 batches have tofillup through guportal.in whereas 2015 & 2016 batches have to fill the form through google form. For details see the attached file.... -Click Here

2021-08-16-New e-mail ids for different streams to send answer scripts if unable to upload in the gu-portal 1 All Arts Students- use the g-mail id: jagiroadcollegearts2021@gmail.com 2 All Science Students- use the g-mail id: jagiroadcollegescience2021@gmail.com 3 All Commerce Students- use the g-mail id: jagiroadcollegecommerce2021@gmail.com 4 All BVoc Students- use the g-mail id: jagiroadcollege21@rediffmail.com Principal, Jagiroad College-Click Here

2021-08-16-Notice....> Extension of Last dates in filling the online admission forms---> It is to inform you all that the last dates have been extended for another five days till 21-08-2021 from the already delcared dates due to non availability of the admission policy from higher authority. This is effective from today on 16-08-2021. Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-08-13-Regarding - Singing of National Anthem on the occasion of "Azadi Ki Amrit Mahotsav" . All are hereby requested to cooperte. For details see the attachment---Principal-Click Here

2021-08-13-"Resolves@75" - Fit India Freedom Run 2.0... All are hereby informed to follow the guidelines as per the attached file.-Click Here

2021-08-11-Notice regarding TDC Sem-I (CBCS & non-CBCS) Exam-2020, TDC Sem-V (2015,2016 batches) Exam-2020 and TDC Sem-VI Exam-2021. See the attachment for details-Click Here

2021-08-10-Google Meeting link for Sem-I Students for exam related guidance.Students of Sem-I are informed to join the google meeting link below positively- To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/iji-jemu-gko

2021-08-09-<----Notice----> College dedicated e-mail id for students who could not upload their answer sheet pdf file to GU may use this with proof of failure. It is ---> jagiroadcollege21@rediffmail.com-Click Here

2021-08-05-Notice: TDC 6th Sem (Arrear) batches 2015,2016 and 2017 are hereby informed to fill their exam forms online at GU link. 2015 and 2016 bathes have to pay the exam fee offline through bank challan w.e.f. 6th Aug, 2021. Further, 2017 batch students have to submit exam form online and submit the same to college and pay the Exam fee online. Principal-Click Here

2021-08-04-Notice to HS-Final Examination-2021: Those students who are not satisfied with the marks awarded to them in the recent result may appear offline examination. They have to fillup online form through online portal from 9 Aug to 16 Aug, 2021. All categories of candidates such as-Regular, Reappearance, Betterment, Repeat, Certain Subject, Compartmental etc. may apply. Here is the notification issued by the AHSEC on 04-08-2021. Principal, Jagiroad College-Click Here

2021-08-02-Notice regarding online admission(modified) form fill-up for HS-I (Arts, Science, Commerce) BA, BSc, BCom, BVoc Sem-I for the session 2021-22 is attached here.-Click Here

2021-07-30-BVoc Sem-I and Sem-VI Examination Schedule-Click Here

2021-07-30-Important Notice for TDC 3rd and 6th Sem students regarding Assignment collection and submission from Departments -Click Here

2021-07-29-TDC 1st Sem (Arrear Batches 2015 and 2016) are informed to fillup online form within 29-07-2021. See the attached GU Notice dated 27-07-2021-Click Here

2021-07-29-Exam Form Filup- Notice:-BA,BSc, BCom and BVoc 6th Semester Examination form filling notice issued by the GU. All concerned are hereby informed to follow the notification and submit online forms within stipulated times. Principal, Jagiroad College-Click Here

2021-07-29-BA, BSc and BCom VI Sem Online Examination Schedule is here-Click Here

2021-07-28-BA/BSc/BCom 1st Sem. Online Exam. Programmes-2020(to be held in 2021) For details visit the GU website www.gauhati.ac.in-Click Here

2021-07-28-BA/BSc/BCom 1st Sem. non-CBCS Online Exam. Programmes-2020(to be held in 2021) For details visit the GU website www.gauhati.ac.in-Click Here

2021-07-28-BA/BSc/BCom/BVoc 1st Sem. Exam. Notice, 3rd Sem Practical Notice and 6th Sem Exam Notice is here. For details visit the GU website -Click Here

2021-07-28-Notice for BVoc and BCom 2nd,4th and 6th Sem renewal admission (from Aug 2 to Aug-28, 2021)-Click Here

2021-07-19-TDC 3rd Sem Exam Cancellation Notice: It is to inform all the Students of TDC 3rd sem that GU has issued TDC 3rd Sem Exam Cancellation notice today on 19th July (afternoon ) following latest UGC guidelines on Examination and Academic Calander. Accordingly TDC 3rd Sem exams are cancelled. Students will promoted to the 4th semester as done in the earlier semester. Here is the notice..... Principal -Click Here

2021-07-18-Google Meeting Links for TDC 3rd Sem (OTBExam) are as follows: (1)The Google meeting link to be held from 11.00 am on 19-07-2021 for BSc, BCom, BVoc Sem-III (all Honours/Regular and Major/General) CBCS and non-CBCS students is as follows: meet.google.com/eva-ejpq-dfh (2)The Google meeting link to be held from 12.30 pm on 19-07-2021 for BA, Sem-III (all Honours/Regular and Major/General) CBCS and non-CBCS students is as follows: meet.google.com/ega-mckw-cdi Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-07-17-GU SOP (instructions) regarding open text book examination (otbe) for Semester-III students -Click Here

2021-07-17-Dear 3rd Semester Students of BA,BSc, BCom and BVoc, The College is going to organise two Google meetings on 19-07-2021. The first meeting will be held at 11 am (for all Hon & Reg students of BSc, BCom and BVoc Sem-III CBCS and non-CBCSstudents) and the second meeting will be held from 12.30 pm (for all BA Sem-III CBCS and non-CBCS students). All are informed to join the google meet links. The links will be shared here on 18-07-2021. For details see the attachment.......... Principal -Click Here

2021-07-13-Dear Students, Here is an information to participate in the "World Youth Skills Day" organised by IASST on 15 July,2021 from 10 am to12 noon. All are informed to participate your day. Here is the link...>https://iasst.gov.in/advertisements/online-webinar-on-world-youth-skills-day/

2021-06-23-Notice for TDC (Arrear) 3rd and 5th Sem 2015-16 Batches: Regading online examination...> See the attachment here...-Click Here

2021-06-23-.....Notice.... College dedicated e-mail id for students who could not upload their answer sheet pdf file to GU may use this with proof of failure to upload. The email id is jagiroadcollege21@rediffmail.com Pl don't send to other email id. Principal Jagiroad College-Click Here

2021-06-20-Celebrate 7th International Yoga Day with Yoga Expert Sri Bakul Sharma, Masters in Yogic Science, Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar,Uttarakhand...on Monday, 21 Jun from 8:00 am. Join within 7:50 to 7:55 AM---> The link is here::: Google Meet joining info Video call link: https://meet.google.com/ify-rcmo-dbg-Click Here

2021-06-20-Free Vaccines for all from 21-06-2021:: For details see the attachments -Click Here

2021-06-17-New meeting link for those who could not join the google meeting held from 11.00 am today. The next google meet will be held from 2.00 pm today. The link for this meeting is https://meet.google.com/dej-dzks-uvp

2021-06-16-Online Yoga Competition: An online Yoga Competition is organised on 21-06-2021. All are requested to go through the attached file...Principal-Click Here

2021-06-16-Internshala update: All students can login at- internshala.com/i/iday21-ISC-1430. This is open for them till 31st July 2021. No charges involved.-Click Here

2021-06-16-Google Meeting orgainsed on 17-06-2021 with all 5th Semester Students of BA, BSc and BCom Students on 17-06-2021 at 11 am amd 1.15 pm. For further details, please see the attached file-Click Here

2021-06-16-For updated "OTBE" guidelines please go through the attached file here-Click Here

2021-06-14-TDC 5th Sem Open Text Book Examination-from 21-June-2021-Click Here

2021-06-14-BCom-Sem-V Open Text Book Exam-from 21-June-2021-Click Here

2021-06-14-For further details Students of 5th Sem are informed to see the GU website. The link is given here: https://web.gauhati.ac.in/otbe-Click Here

2021-06-10-Update regarding Internshala---> Dear Students see the attachment and act accordingly....Principal-Click Here

2021-06-05-Students Internshala Account: All students of Jagiroad College will get an internshala account shortly. So, students will be elligible to apply for 10000+ summer internship for this session.-Click Here

2021-06-04-State Level Essay Competition is organising on the occasion of World Environment Day-2021 by the College. For details see the attachments here...-Click Here

2021-06-04-State Level Webinar on the occasion of World Environment Day-2021-Click Here

2021-05-27-Short Film Competition organised by Acting Dept under IQAC of Jagiroad College. Any student from HS and UG can take part. Last date in 17/06/2021-Click Here

2021-05-27-SoP on "Open Text Book Exam" (OTBE) to be conducted by GU-Click Here

2021-05-27-Template of Answer Sheet for "Open Text Book Exam" (OTBE) to be conducted by GU-Click Here

2021-05-27-Guidelines on "Open Text Book Exam" (OTBE) to be conducted by GU-Click Here

2021-05-21-Advisory for Students to follow during Pandemic- (Courtesy Ms. Klirni Terangpi)-Click Here

2021-05-19-Advisory for Students to follow during Pandemic- (Courtesy Dr. Gargi Phukan)-Click Here

2021-05-15-GU notice regarding any kind of correction in exam form including students phone no.s for open book examinations.-Click Here

2021-05-08-GU Notification on 7th May-2021 regarding holding of PG and UG Odd Semester Examinations-2021-Click Here

2021-05-08-DHE Notification regarding Closure of Educational Institutions for 15 Days from 27 April-2021-Click Here

2021-04-27-Gauhati University declared closed for 15 days w.e.f April-27 to May-11/2021 -Click Here

2021-04-27-All Exam postponed by Gauhati University considering safety and security threat from Covid-19 Pandemic. For details see-Click Here

2021-04-27-DC Morigaon declared closure of Schools and Colleges for 15 Days. -Click Here

2021-04-19--Important Notice- As informed by the Morigaon District Administration, covering of face with Mask is compulsory w.e.f. 20-04-2021. So, all are informed to enter into the College campus with Face Mask w.e.f. 20.04.2021 জিলা প্ৰশাসনৰ শেহতীয়া নিৰ্দেশনা অনুসৰি 20-04-2021 তাৰিখৰ পৰা মাস্ক পিন্ধাটো বাধ্যতামূলক। সেয়েহে সকলোকে 20-04-2021

2021-04-09-অভিভাৱকৰ লগত শৈক্ষিক পৰ্য্যালোচনা সভাৰ জাননী Notice on Academic Meeting with Parents/Guardians -Click Here

2021-04-09-Result of Gate Design Competition-Click Here

2021-04-05-GU Registration Date Extended-Click Here

2021-03-28-Notice to Students for Registration at GU Portal for the session 2020-21:: All the newly admitted students for the session 2020-21 in BA, BSc, BCom, BVoc, MTM and PGDCA are hereby informed that the link is open for rigistration till 07/04/2021. For details see the notification in GU website.

2021-03-17-State Level Essay Competition on 19th March,2021 on the occasion of 75 years of India's Independence : "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav"... Dear Students, participate in the event and showcase your talent, this is an unique opportunity.-Click Here

2021-03-13-Exam routine of HS-I (Terminal) and HS-II (Yest) Examinations-2021-Click Here

2021-03-13-BA,BSc,BCom-Sem-I Exam Routine-2021 is uploaded here-Click Here

2021-03-13-BA,BSc,BCom-Sem-V Exam Routine-2021 is uploaded here-Click Here

2021-03-10-Holiday Notice...> It is for information of all concerned that as per Holiday List of GU, 11th March,2021 is a holiday for all students and staff.

2021-03-10-Notice---> For following students of HS-I: Following listed students of HS-I(Arts and Science) are hereby informed to contact HoD, English for their evaluation. -Click Here

2021-03-10-Notice---> Celebration of Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav on 12-03-2021 -Click Here

2021-03-02-GU-UG-Sem-I,III,V Exam Notice-2021-Click Here

2021-02-06-Notification---> inviting aplications for Asstt. Professor Posts in Educantion, English, Bengali depts. at Jagiroad College-Click Here

2021-01-30-Hostel re-opening Notice As per latest SOP issued by the Govt. of Assam, all those students who have taken Hostel admission may enter the College Hostel w.e.f. 1st Feb. subj to submission of NOC from parents. Wearing of face mask and following of Covid19 norms are mendetory. Principal Jagiroad College 30.01.2021-Click Here

2021-01-30-PG Admission Date Extension Notice--> It is hereby informed all concerned that as per the latest notification issued by the Gauhati University, eligible students can apply through our college website afresh for admission into MTM and PGDCA Sem-I within 5th Feb, and admission within 6th Feb, 2021. For details see the attached file here. ... Principal-Click Here

2021-01-30-MTM Class holding Notice-2021...> All the admitted students of MTM Sem-I is hereby informed that their regular classes will be held from Feb-08,2021. ...Principal -Click Here

2021-01-30-Notice---> For Fresh PG (MTM, PGDCA) admission students have to follow the link www.jagiroadcollegelive.co.in

2021-01-28-Internshala Training: All students of TDC classes are hereby informed that your name have been included in Internshala. You will receive e-mail and response accordingly. Here is an attachment for your reference.-Click Here

2021-01-17-<---Resumption of Academic Activities---> Academic Activities of the College will be resumed from 18-01-2021 after the winter break (from 10 to 17 January). All are informed to attend the classes regularly.....Principal, Jagiroad College

2021-01-05------Notice----- Extension of PG Admission Last Date-2021 It is hereby informed all concerned that that the last date of form fillup for (i) MTM and (ii) PGDCA for the session 2021-22 is extended up to 05-01-2021 and admission last date for (i) MTM and (ii) PGDCA is extended to 06-01-2021. Principal Jagiroad College

2020-12-31-PG Admission Notice-2021-Click Here

2020-11-17-Temporary Class Routine (Science):2020-Click Here

2020-11-17-Temporary Routine (Arts):2020-Click Here

2020-11-14-Hostel Admission List-1: All the selected students are asked to take admission through online within 21-11-2020-Click Here

2020-11-14-Competition on Jagiroad College Main Gate Model Design- All are informed to see the attached notice to participate in the main Gate Design Competition.-Click Here

2020-11-02-Here is the brief SoP as per Assam Govt for re-opeing of the College. All are informed to follow the gudelines strictly.-Click Here

2020-11-02-Class Routine-(Arts & Science) from Nov-2-2020-Click Here

2020-11-02-Class Routine-Commerce-Click Here

2020-11-02-Class Routine-BVoc-from Nov-2-2020-Click Here

2020-11-02-Important: All Students who wish to Come to the College must submit NoC from their Paretnts.

2020-11-01-Notice on holding of Classes- As per Govt SOP, classes will be held from 2-11-2020.

2020-11-01-Classes for---->HS-II: Monday, Wednesday, Friday; HS-I: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; Sem I : Monday, Thursday; Sem III: Tuesday, Wednesday,Friday; SemV: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

2020-10-11-Academic Calander of GU for the Academic Sessions 2020-21 and 2021-22-Click Here

2020-10-04-Dear Students of 6th Sem: See the modified SoP for GU-6th Sem Exam-2020 in the Gauhati University website www.gauhati.ac.in

2020-09-28-GU Notice for Online Appearing TDC 6th Sem Students-Click Here

2020-09-25-Saturday (26/09/2020) is a Holiday. So, no offline classes at the College on Saturday. ... Principal

2020-09-22-<---CBCS-Sem-I-Re-evaluation Notice---> CBCS Sem-I result declared on 19-09-2020. Any anomaly regarding declared result may be e-mailed directly to gu.dycoe@gmail.com. Here is the GU Notification in this regards.-Click Here

2020-09-20-<---Notice---> Class Routine for Arts-XI and XII effective from 21-09-2020-Click Here

2020-09-20-Consent Letter- সন্মতি পত্ৰ - ছাত্ৰ-ছাত্ৰী সকলক এই সন্মতি পত্ৰ অভিভাৱকৰ পৰা লৈ মহাবিদ্যালয়ত জমা দিবলৈ জনোৱা হ'ল-Click Here

2020-09-19-<---Notice on Re-Opening of College---> A notice is attached here regarding re-opening of College for HS-I and HS-II only-Click Here

2020-08-28-<---Notice---> It is for information of all concerned that the College has published advertisement for 12 (twelve) numbers of Asstt. Professors posts for nine departments in "The Assam Tribune" and "Niyamiya Barta" today on 28-08-2020. For further details please see the attachments here. Principal, Jagiroad College Date: 28-08-2020-Click Here

2020-08-28-<---Renewal Admission Notice for BCom and BVoc Sem-III and V---> It is hereby informed all 2nd and 4th Sem BCom and BVoc students to take renewal admission within 10-09-2020.........Principal, Jagiroad College, Date: 28-08-2020-Click Here

2020-08-17-Renewal Admission Notice for B.A, B.Sc-Sem-II and IV-2020-Click Here

2020-08-17-Notice (on closure of Online Admissions) Date: 17-08-2020 -Click Here

2020-08-14-Last date of online admission for all 1st year and 1st semester classes is fixed as 18-08-2020-Click Here

2020-08-13-Extension of GU exam form fill-up last date to 18-8-2020-Click Here

2020-08-11-B.A. Sem-I Honours List-II-2020-Click Here

2020-08-11-B.A. Sem-I Regular List-II-2020-Click Here

2020-08-11-List of Students of BA to BVoc-Sem-I-2020-Click Here

2020-08-08-Time Table for Online Classes of HS-I and HS-II-2020 (Effective from 10-08-2020)-Click Here

2020-08-07-GU-Notice on Even Semester Exam-2020-Click Here

2020-08-07-GU-PG-even sem form fillup-Notice-2020-Click Here

2020-08-07-College Notice-on-TDC-Even Semester Exam-2020-Click Here

2020-08-07-TDC 2nd-4th-6th Sem-Exam Fee-2020-Click Here

2020-08-07-HS-I Commerce: Admission Merit List-2020-Click Here

2020-08-02-B.A. Sem-I Honours Merit List-2020-Click Here

2020-08-02-B.A. Sem-I Regular Merit List-2020-Click Here

2020-08-01-B.Voc Admission Merit List-2020-Click Here

2020-07-31-<--Notice--> (1). Merit List of BA-Sem-I-2020 will be notified on 2nd August, 2020. (2).HS-I (Arts/Science) admission 2nd list (for waiting candidates) will be notified on 3rd August. (3) BVoc Sem-I merit list will be notified on 2nd August 2020. Principal, Jagiroad College

2020-07-29-<---BCom-Sem-I-Admission Merit List-2020---> Selected students have to take admission from July-29 to August-4, 2020. Those candidates who are in waiting list will be considered after 4th August,2020....-Click Here

2020-07-29-Merit List: BSC Sem-I-2020-Click Here

2020-07-26-HS-I-Arts-Merit List(Modified)-25-07-2020-Click Here

2020-07-26-HS-I-Science-Merit List(Modofied)-25-07-2020-Click Here

2020-07-26-How to take online fresh admission? Follow the steps mentioned in the attached file.-Click Here

2020-07-23-<---Online Admission notice--> For all first year classes of 2020-21 session............... It is for information of all concerned that the dates for admission into different classes is attached here. All the candidates and their parents/ guardians are informed to follow this admission schedule srtictly so as to complete the admission process on time. A second schedule may be notified on completion of this schedule for candidates in waiting lists. Principal, Jagiroad College Date: July,23/2020-Click Here

2020-07-21-<---GU Notification on Even Semester Exam-2020---> This is for information of all concerned that GU will conduct final semester exams (6th Sem for UG and 4th Sem for PG) from 2nd week of Sept-2020 in bleded (online/offline) mode depending on the normalcy of the current situation. All 2nd and 4th sem regular students will be promotted to the next semester based on internal assessment marks and previous semester (exam) marks. For details see the attached notification. Principal -Click Here

2020-07-07-Admission into HS-I (Arts/Science) : Date of admission will be notified soon after declaration of CBSE Class X result.

2020-07-06----Important Notice--- Unique ID generation is compulsory for the students of the academic Session 2020-21 1.HS-I (Arts/Science) 2. HS-II (Arts/Science) 3. TDC Sem-I/III/V (Arts/ Science only) Principal Jagiroad College-Click Here

2020-07-06-HS-II Renewal Admission Notice -Click Here

2020-07-05-It is for information of all concerned that the honourable DHE,Assam has developed the webportal https://directorateofhighereducation.assam.gov.in to generate Unique ID by all the students who wish to take fresh-admission / renewal admission into HS-I / II and BA/BSc Sem-I / III / V classes this year 2020. The Unique is must for fresh/renewal admission for 2020. For details see the notification attached here.-Click Here

2020-07-01-Admission Merit List: HS-I-Arts-2020-Click Here

2020-07-01-Admission Merit List: HS-I-Science-2020-Click Here

2020-06-27-নামভৰ্ত্তীৰ আগতীয়া বিশেষ জাননী: Online Admission information: Where to get the merit list and how to take admission? -Click Here

2020-06-24-TDC 2nd, 4th and 6th Sem Exam Form Fill-up Notice-Click Here

2020-06-19-Admission Notice-4 (Regarding Information/Documents to be submitted by the students-Click Here

2020-06-17-Online Admission Notice-2020-Click Here

2020-05-04-Extension of Lock Down Period : Phase-III-Click Here

2020-04-07-Dear Students, Stay Home, Stay Safe. 21 Day Lock Down declared by the Central Govt and we all have to abide by. Study regularly, discuss with your Teachers and share those notes received by you(if any) with those who do not have mobile phones. Maintain Social Distancing and take care yourself. You all are very much important resources of our Nation. Principal, Jagiroad College

2020-04-07- ---Notice on Video Classes--- Dear All, In the "Class Video" link, you will get video classes prepared by our faculties for you. I appreciate the faculties who prepared the video classes for you. Principal, Jagiroad College

2020-04-07-Corona Notice- Assamese-Click Here

2020-04-07-Notice on Video Class -Click Here


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