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ID Sl No Teacher Class Stream Title Subject Discussion Date Discussion Time Action
61DR. HABIBUR RAHMANTDC 3RD YEARARTSAssamese Phonetics2020-04-302:45 pm
112TDC 3RD YEARSCIENCEZoologyDiscussion on 6th semester topics2020-05-0210:00 am
213Dr. Sohail AhmedTDC 1ST YEARARTSEnglish HonoursRK Narayan's Swami and Friends2020-05-1311:00 am
224Dr. Sohail AhmedTDC 2ND YEARARTSEnglish MajorJames Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man2020-05-1412:00 am
235Dr. Sohail AhmedTDC 3RD YEARARTSEnglish MajorThe Antecedents2020-05-1512:00 am
276Dr. Srijani DasHS 2ND YEARARTSEducation Learning 2020-08-1010:47 am
307Manuranjan MoulickHS 1ST YEARSCIENCEChemistryIntroduction2020-08-1110:00 am
328Dr. Sohail AhmedHS 1ST YEARARTS, SCIENCE, COMMERCEEnglishMy Impressions of Assam2020-08-111:30 pm
339Achintya KeotHS 1ST YEARSCIENCEBiology(Zoology)Animal tissue2020-08-1111:00 pm
3410Achintya KeotHS 1ST YEARSCIENCEBiology(Zoology)Animal tissue2020-08-1111:00 pm
3511Dr. Smritisikha PhukanHS 2ND YEARSCIENCEChemistryThe solid state of matter2020-08-1210:00 am
3712HS 2ND YEARARTSEnglishMemories of Childhood2020-08-122:30 am
4013Dr. Smritisikha PhukanHS 1ST YEARSCIENCEChemistryPeriodic classification of elements.2020-08-1412:00 am
4814Dr. Sohail AhmedHS 1ST YEARARTS, SCIENCE, COMMERCEEnglishMy Impressions of Assam2020-08-181:30 pm
8015Dr. B.C. NeogHS 2ND YEARSCIENCEMathematicsMatrices2020-09-292:29 pm
9116Bernard LumphuiTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 3RD YEARTourism managementTourism marketing2021-05-124:00 pm
9217Bernard LumphuiTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 3RD YEARTourism ManagementTourism Marketing2021-05-114:00 pm
10118Bernard LumphuiTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 3RD YEARTourism managementMarket segmentation2021-05-1311:14 am
10219Bernard LumphuiTDC 1ST YEARARTSTourism managementMarket segmentation2021-05-1311:30 am
11120Bernard LumphuiTDC 3RD YEARARTSTourism ManagementState Tourism Development corporation2021-05-149:45 am
11321Bernard LumphuiTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 1ST YEARTourism management8 p ' s of tourism marketing2021-05-141:20 pm
11422Sanjeev Kumar GohainACTINGBVOC 3RD YEARfilm studiesfilm making0021-05-143:15 pm
12223Mr. Paran Jyoti MahantaTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 1ST YEARMTMConcept of management2021-05-1511:00 am
12524KUMAR BIKASH NATHRETAIL MANAGEMENTBVOC 1ST YEARSales Management Organization's best practices 2021-05-158:00 am
12725Archana TerangpiTDC 1ST YEARARTSEnglish honoursEdmund spenser2021-05-159:00 am
13026Dr. Sohail AhmedTDC 3RD YEARARTSEnglishTwentieth century literary criticism: introduction2021-05-151:00 pm
13227Sanjeev Kumar GohainACTINGBVOC 1ST YEARACTINGStorytelling2021-05-154:00 pm
13328Sanjeev Kumar GohainACTINGBVOC 1ST YEARACTINGStory telling2021-05-154:00 pm
13429Hrishikesh KalitaTDC 3RD YEARSCIENCEPhysicsGamma Emission.2021-05-155:20 pm
13530RATUMONI DASTDC 2ND YEARARTSGeographyEnvironmental Geography2021-05-1710:45 am
13631Ms. Jhuma BoseTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 2ND YEARB.voc 2nd semesterMaintain health and hygiene2021-05-158:16 pm
13732KUMAR BIKASH NATHRETAIL MANAGEMENTBVOC 2ND YEARTeam and organizational dynamics Goal setting 2021-05-168:00 am
13833KUMAR BIKASH NATHRETAIL MANAGEMENTBVOC 2ND YEARPaperllBest practices 2021-05-169:10 am
14134Suntoo DasTDC 3RD YEARARTSGeographyConcept of Remote Sensing2021-05-1712:00 pm
14235Priyanath BoraTDC 2ND YEARARTSPolitical sciencePublic policy2021-05-179:30 am
14336Pritom DoleyTDC 1ST YEARARTSPolitical ScienceImportance of Freedom2021-05-179:00 am
14737Himangshu HaloiTDC 2ND YEARARTSPolitical scienceHuman Security ... analysis.2021-05-1710:45 am
14838Himangshu HaloiTDC 3RD YEARARTSPolitical scienceCulture.. analysis.2021-05-1712:15 pm
15339RATUMONI DASTDC 3RD YEARARTSGeographyConcept of development and sustainable development2021-05-1710:00 am
15540Deepa BorahTDC 3RD YEARARTS601 -Tourism MarketingTTM( Quantitative and qualitative market research)2021-05-173:15 pm
15941Pranjit ThakuriaTDC 2ND YEARARTSGeography(Major)Introduction: Surveying Techniques2021-05-174:00 pm
17242SUBRATA PAULTDC 2ND YEARSCIENCEBotanyB&H Classification2021-05-1711:00 am
17343SUBRATA PAULTDC 2ND YEARSCIENCEBotanyB& H Classification2021-05-1711:00 am
17944Archana TerangpiTDC 1ST YEARARTSEnglish ccSeamus Heaney2021-05-1710:00 am
18045KUMAR BIKASH NATHRETAIL MANAGEMENTBVOC 1ST YEARSales management Basics of consumer behavior 2021-05-178:05 am
18246Priyanath BoraTDC 2ND YEARARTSPolitical sciencePublic policy2021-05-179:30 am
18447Adity Das BaruahTDC 1ST YEARARTSAssamese প্ৰবন্ধ2021-05-179:00 am
18548Ms. Soma BoseTDC 3RD YEARARTSBengali Rabindrnath golpogucho2021-05-179:00 am
18649Adity Das BaruahTDC 1ST YEARARTSAssamese প্ৰবন্ধ2021-05-179:00 am
18750Hrishikesh KalitaTDC 1ST YEARSCIENCEPhysicsIntroduction2021-05-179:15 am
18951KUMAR BIKASH NATHRETAIL MANAGEMENTBVOC 2ND YEARPaper 2Team allocation2021-05-179:00 am
19052Priyanath BoraTDC 2ND YEARARTSPolitical sciencePublic policy2021-05-179:34 am
19153MS. DIXITA SHARMATDC 2ND YEARARTSAssameseউদ্ভৱ কালীন অসমীয়া ভাষা2021-05-179:54 am
19254Dr. Lavita SarmaTDC 1ST YEARSCIENCEPhysicsElectric charge2021-05-179:57 am
19655Amar DekaHS 2ND YEARARTSHistoryColonialism and the country side2021-05-171:00 pm
19756Pritom DoleyTDC 3RD YEARARTSPolitical ScienceRaja Ram Mohan Roy2021-05-1811:00 am
19957Ms. Nikumoni TalukdarTDC 3RD YEARARTSSpecial education Scope2021-05-1711:00 am
20158Priyanath BoraTDC 3RD YEARARTSPolitical scienceChinese Constitution2021-05-1711:30 am
20259Ms. Soma BoseTDC 1ST YEARARTSBengaliShabdartha tatva2021-05-1710:00 am
20360Bernard LumphuiTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 2ND YEARGUEST RELATION IIMaintain standard of etiquette & hospital conduct2021-05-1710:45 am
20461Md. Muktab HussainTDC 3RD YEARARTSSystem administrationWindows and linux fundamentals2021-05-1710:45 am
20562Pritom DoleyTDC 1ST YEARARTSPolitical ScienceImportance of Freedom2021-05-189:00 am
20663Ms. Sangeeta DekaTDC 3RD YEARCOMMERCEMARKETING OF SERVICESUNIT 12021-05-1711:15 am
20764Dr. Lavita SarmaTDC 3RD YEARSCIENCEPhysicsFree electron theory of metal2021-05-1711:14 am
20865MS. DIXITA SHARMATDC 2ND YEARARTSAssameseআধুনিক অসমীয়া সাহিত্য2021-05-1711:30 am
20966Priyanath BoraTDC 3RD YEARARTSPolitical scienceChinese Constitution2021-05-1711:29 am
21067Ms. Soma BoseTDC 3RD YEARARTSBengali Chotogolpo2021-05-1711:30 am
21168Adity Das BaruahTDC 3RD YEARARTSAssamese প্ৰবন্ধ2021-05-1710:45 am
21269Priyanath BoraTDC 3RD YEARARTSPolitical scienceChinese Constitution2021-05-1711:34 am
21370MINDAR INGTITDC 2ND YEARSCIENCEBOTANYUnit-I. Ecology interaction, component & dynamism,2021-05-1810:00 am
21471Ms. Farhana YasminTDC 3RD YEARCOMMERCEMBPInteractive session regarding the topic2021-05-1811:43 am
21673Bikashita BorahTDC 3RD YEARARTSEducation Concept of Guidance 2021-05-1712:06 pm
21874Manash Protim NeogACTINGBVOC 3RD YEARActing in front of cameraIntroduction to the camera2021-05-174:00 pm
21975Archana TerangpiHS 2ND YEARARTS, SCIENCE, COMMERCEGen EnglishIndigo by Louis fischer2021-05-171:00 am
22176Bernard LumphuiTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 3RD YEARTourism ManagementTourism product and Tourism Product pricing2021-05-171:00 pm
22277INDRANI BHATTACHARJEETDC 3RD YEARARTSBengaliBallad2021-05-171:00 am
22478MS. DIXITA SHARMATDC 3RD YEARARTSAssameseনাটক: ৰূপালীম2021-05-171:41 pm
22879Pranjit ThakuriaTDC 1ST YEARARTSGeography(Major)Meaning And Scope of Human Geography (Continue)2021-05-1811:30 am
22980Deepa BorahTOURISM MANAGEMENTBVOC 2ND YEARMTM 4th semester 405 Organisation behaviourMTM 405-fundamentals and challenges of OB2021-05-175:00 pm